When can I start preparing and interviewing for the Immersive/Immersive Part-Time application process?

You can start the Immersive/Immersive Part-time application process at any time!

Please feel free to start the Immersive/Immersive Part-Time application process whenever you are ready! There is no limit to how many times you can take the Technical Check-in.

If there is a certain cohort you would like to join, we advise that it would be better to pass the Technical Check-in before the suggested deadline (please see below for the details and refer to the deadlines on the website (EN / JP / Part-Time).


*Early deadline: The day when Precourse will be released for that cohort. It would be best if applicants can pass the Technical Check-in by this date so they will have the full time to work on Precourse.

*Final deadline: This is by when applicants need to pass the Technical Check-in for that cohort. They would not be able to join that cohort if they cannot pass by this deadline.