What's the difference between Foundations and Foundations Lite?

Foundations and Foundations Lite share the same curriculum, however, the flexibility of classes interactivity of peers and instructors is different.

Our Foundations and Foundations Lite curriculum is the same.

However, there is a difference in class location, interactivity with instructors/students, and instructor support.

  • For Foundations, the classes will be held at specific times and there is a lot of collaboration with both instructors and other motivated students. The classes will be guided by experienced instructors and can get direct support during class hours.
  • For Foundations Lite, students get access to a recorded video lecture and can take the course at their own pace. If students have any questions or need support, students can join optional 1-on-1 online sessions with one of our instructors. They can book 9 sessions at maximum.

You can check out the course differences on our website as well.