What is the "Technical Check-in"?

A one-on-one pair programming online session with one of our Technical Interviewers, meaning YOU will be telling the interviewer the code to write. We work with you through some short coding challenges to see if you have met our technical bar.

Your first Technical Check-in will be closer to a consultation. The interviewer will be asking why you would like to take the Immersive, how much coding experience you have, etc.

In the following Technical Check-ins, the interviewer will go over some coding exercises with you.

You can take the Technical Check-in multiple times! After each Technical Check-in, the interviewer will be giving you feedback on what you should work on.

*If you would like to get started with the coding exercises quickly, please let the interviewer know and they will start going over them in your first Technical Check-in.

What are the exercises like?

The coding exercises will outline a coding question and you will tell the Technical Interviewer what to write to make the code pass. The exercises start out pretty basic, then move into more advanced topics. You'll also be asked to explain the code and why it works. Some questions will be pre-written code and you explain the code or answer what's right or wrong.

What topics does the Technical Check-in go over?

  • Basic data types
  • Arrays and Objects
  • Loops
  • Conditionals
  • Functions
  • Higher order functions
  • Callbacks
  • Closures

Do I need to pass the Technical Check-in to get accepted into Immersive?

Yes. It is mandatory for people to pass the Technical Check-in in order to get accepted into the Immersive.

What are you checking for in the Technical Check-in?

We are checking for 3 main things: Technical skills, Communication skills, and Problem Solving skills. We also have an emphasis on seeing progress between each check-in. We want to see if you are able to take feedback, apply that feedback to succeed, and keep moving tot the next topic. This skill is crucial to success in the Immersive.

How should I prepare?

Check out our resources page for tips on passing our Technical Check-In!

Good luck! ✌️