What should I expect for a School Tour? What are the rules?

You will see our space and our Immersive Full-Time students in action! You will be guided by an Admissions staff member who will also answer your questions. *Visits will be done in English

The tour will be up to 45 minutes. The showing of the space will be fairly short, with most of the time being for asking questions and getting to know you. If available, you may be able to speak with some of our Instruction team where they can tell you about class and you can ask them questions. 

🚨 Note: We are a dog friendly school so there may be a dog, Chief Kawaii Officer, here on your visit. Please be mindful if you have pet allergies.

Before the tour:

  • Check the school location: 〒106-0046 Tokyo, Minato City, Motoazabu, 3 Chome−1−35 VORT 元麻布 B2F
  • Think of questions you would like answered.

    If you cannot find the school or will be running late, please email us at admissions@codechrysalis.io and we can assist you.

When entering the space:

  • Wait by the door for a staff member to let you into the space.
  • Wear a mask.
  • Use hand sanitizer before entering.

While on the tour:

  • Please be quiet when near the class area while lecture is in session.
  • Please try not to disturb the students, even when they are on break. That is the time they need to rest.
  • If you're hungry or thirsty, ask for snacks or a drink!
  • Ask questions!
  • If a Kawaii Officer is around, give some head scratches.
  • Be kind!

We look forward to seeing you!


📹 Can't do an onsite visit? Schedule an online consultation and speak with an Admissions member directly!