What does your advanced course curriculum look like?

We have a rigorous, project-based curriculum including lifetime job support.

CATE, Our Teaching Philosophy

Our curriculum is based on our teaching philosophy, CATE (Communication, Autonomy, Technical Skills, Empathy), which we’ve developed to closely mirror the best practices of the top, modern engineering teams.

The Immersive Bootcamp Curriculum


After students get exposed to computer science fundamentals and best practices for pair programming, the technical side of the curriculum strives to build a solid, extendable full-stack foundation by teaching Express and PostgreSQL, how to write API’s in either a RESTful style or GraphQL and exposing them to the two most popular front-end frameworks out there: React and Vue. Through the exposure of contrasting technologies, a student will form an independent technical opinion, as well as be able to learn other new technologies on their own.

Autonomy is ensured by a sustained focus on meta-learning and time management strategies that instill good practices for lifelong learning.

Communication and empathy are covered by a variety of soft skills workshops and activities designed to ensure a successful non-technical interview, prepare students for leadership roles, and maximize the efficacy of the time they spend collaborating.