What are your academic policies?

Please read our Student Code of Conduct to understand what we expect from our students.

This is the code of conduct that students of the Bootcamp are expected to comply with and abide by.

1. Be on time – We start promptly. This means being ready to begin on time, not just be present in the building. Tardiness is disruptive to the Code Chrysalis learning environment. Repeated and unexplained tardiness may result in evaluating whether the student should continue with the course at the current time.

2. Be present – Because of our intense schedule, missing one day puts you at a disadvantage. We understand that in some rare circumstances someone needs to miss a day, but we request that you let staff know ahead of time when possible and have a really compelling reason. An absent member disrupts the cohesion of our classroom; thus, if a student misses more than 3 days during the course, staff will discuss with the student whether learning goals can still be achieved. In some cases, absences may lead to removal from the class without a refund.

3. Be good students – We need you to participate fully and ask for help when you need it. We use assessments to monitor progress and, if you cannot pass the assessments, we will do everything we can to give you more support and instruction. But, ultimately, your assessments, participation, and attendance will determine whether you progress to graduation or not.

4. Be respectful – Belittling, aggressive, sexist, racist, or discriminatory language has no place in our learning environment.

5. Have a good attitude – At times, you may feel ahead of other students. At other times you may feel behind other students. We request that you keep a positive, engaged, and motivated attitude. The instructors are available to discuss any situation in which someone feels that their own or someone else’s attitude is affecting their own or someone else’s learning. We will do our best to help.

6. No drinking – Students are not allowed to possess or consume alcohol on premises unless given express permission by a member of staff.

7. Guest policy – We understand that you may want to bring friends or mentors into space. We ask that you let us know ahead of time and check if it fits with the class schedule. Please do not invite ‘drop-in’ guests.

8. Be open and willing – Code Chrysalis is not like most educational experiences and we are going to ask that you bring an open mind and a good attitude to everything we do together. If you are not sure why we are doing things in a certain way, please let us know, but be prepared to fully participate in a plan that you do not fully understand.

9. Take care of yourself – We do not want you to exhaust yourself. Alert staff early if you feel like you are struggling or overwhelmed. Take care of your body during the course.

10. Take care of the space – All of us need to be respectful of the space and make sure that we are keeping it clean and enjoyable for all. We are looking forward to a productive and educational time together! If you feel that you cannot agree to any of the above, please contact us immediately.

Violation of any of the Expectations can lead to removal from our school. If there is anything else that is not in this document that you think is important for your learning, please contact us.

Your learning is our highest priority. Please address all questions concerning this Code of Conduct to admissions@codechrysalis.io