I am a beginner. Can I get into the Immersive program?

You need to have basic Javascript programming fundamentals to pass the Immersive Technical Check-in. However, it is very possible for a beginner to learn through our Foundations course or through self-studying then pass our admissions process.

'Beginners' are welcome to interview for the Immersive

As soon as you apply to the Immersive from our website, you can start the Immersive Technical Check-in's! As a beginner, don’t expect to pass the Technical Check-in on your first try. Instead, think of your check-in as a progress check during your learning process - we will be able to point you towards the areas you need to study on, need more practice with, or need to cover next.

Build up your technical knowledge

We test for basic programming fundamentals in JavaScript and luckily, there are also many free and fantastic resources on the internet to teach you. We can also point you towards specific resources or suggest that you might be a good candidate to take our Foundations: Intro to Coding program.

Please check our Study Resources for more ways to prepare.

We look beyond technical skills

Prospective students are highly motivated and have shown an initiative to learn the basics of coding. We accept people from all backgrounds and previous education levels. We’re looking for students who view challenges as opportunities for growth, who want to become well-rounded engineers across multiple skill sets (not just technical skills), and who are open to the challenges of learning how to operate well in modern, global software engineering teams.