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How do I apply for the government subsidy (教育訓練給付金 kyo-iku kun-ren kyu-fu-kin)?

In order to apply for the government subsidy (教育訓練給付金) for Immersive, applicants must check with Hello Work for eligibility.

How do I know if I'm eligible for the government subsidy (教育訓練給付金)?

It should be fine if you are employed and have been in employment insurance for over 3 years. (*If it is your first time to apply for a government subsidy, it would be fine if you have been employed/in employment insurance for over 2 years.)

However, because we cannot tell how long you have been in employment insurance, please make sure to check with HelloWork for eligibility.


Application Process for Government Subsidy (教育訓練給付金 kyo-iku kun-ren kyu-fu-kin)

  1. Check with Hello Work if you are eligible to apply for the government subsidy (教育訓練給付金).
  2. If you are eligible, follow Hello Work's instructions and have a meeting with a career consultant. Hello Work will provide you information on how to contact a career consultant.
  3. Hand in documents to HelloWork and get approval to receive the subsidy 1 month before the course start date.
  4. Start and finish the course.
  5. After finishing the course, hand in documents to Hello Work to receive the subsidy within 1 month after finishing the course.
  6. Receive the subsidy. The amount will be decided by the government.

Here is information you might need when filling out some of the application forms for the government subsidy:

  • Institution Name (教育訓練施設の名称): Code Chrysalis
  • Course Name (教育訓練講座名): Immersive Bootcamp
  • Institution Number (指定番号): 1310247-2020011-5