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How do I apply for the government subsidy (教育訓練給付金 kyo-iku kun-ren kyu-fu-kin)?

In order to apply for the government subsidy (教育訓練給付金) for Immersive (not eligible for Immersive Part-Time), applicants must check with Hello Work for eligibility.

How do I know if I'm eligible for the government subsidy (教育訓練給付金)?

It should be fine if you are employed and have been in employment insurance for over 3 years. (*If it is your first time to apply for a government subsidy, it would be fine if you have been employed/in employment insurance for over 2 years.)

However, because we cannot tell how long you have been in employment insurance, please make sure to check with HelloWork for eligibility.


Application Process for Government Subsidy (教育訓練給付金 kyo-iku kun-ren kyu-fu-kin)

  1. Check with Hello Work if you are eligible to apply for the government subsidy (教育訓練給付金).
  2. If you are eligible, follow Hello Work's instructions and have a meeting with a career consultant. Hello Work will provide you information on how to contact a career consultant.
  3. Hand in documents to HelloWork and get approval to receive the subsidy 1 month before the course start date.
  4. Start and finish the course.
  5. After finishing the course, hand in documents to Hello Work to receive the subsidy within 1 month after finishing the course.
  6. Receive the subsidy. The amount will be decided by the government. (People can get a maximum of 560,000 JPY refunded).