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Does Code Chrysalis offer other payment options?

Code Chrysalis can offer other payment options for qualified students (please note that this would only be available for Immersive or Immersive Part-Time).

If you are interested in other payment options for either Immersive or Immersive Part-Time, we can share the details after you have passed the Technical Check-in.

After passing the Technical Check-in, there will be an Acceptance Check-in. It would be great if you can let the staff know during this meeting.

About Other Payment Options

  • Immersive: We could offer either a 5-installment plan or a 12-installment plan.
  • Immersive Part-Time: We could offer a 6-installment plan.

*Please note we cannot guarantee that you will be eligible for the plans above.

*Please note that there will be some additional fees depending on the amount (15,000 JPY ~).