How do I know which class to take? What level of coding do I need?

If you have some coding experience and you're not sure of your level, take our Technical Check-In.

Our Foundations and Foundations Lite courses are for complete beginners.

The Immersive course are for those who are already familiar with the basics of Javascript. If you are not sure whether your technical level is enough to take the Immersive, we suggest you try the Technical Check-in for the Immersive.

There is no limit to how many times you can try Technical Check-in but if you feel the level is too advanced, we suggest you consider taking the Foundations course.

Our Immersive Technical Check-in checks for basic fluency in JavaScript fundamentals. These include:

  • Language syntax and code structure
  • Familiarity with data types (objects, strings, arrays, functions, etc) and how to manipulate them
  • Ability to break down compound tasks into logical steps.

A good measure of that is if you are able to solve challenges at the 8kyu or 7kyu level on Codewars, and feel comfortable with these concepts:

  • Functions
    • Composing and using functions
    • The purpose of arguments and how they are used
    • How to pass functions into other functions as arguments
    • How to use functions stored in variables
    • How to return functions from other functions
  • Arrays & Objects
    • Writing and using arrays and objects
    • The difference between arrays and objects
    • Using methods in objects

We want to build a class of generous, empathetic, and positive individuals, so we also assess the ability of applicants to handle frustration and new topics, as well as communication skills.

See our Study Resources to help prepare for the Technical Check-in.