Can anyone enroll in Foundations/ Foundations Lite?

There are some minimum requirements for participating in Foundations/ Foundations Lite: a computer, stable internet connection, knowledge of basic computer skills, and pass a language comprehension check (for non-native English speakers).

Please make sure you are able to meet the requirements listed below. Even after you enroll, if one of the minimum requirements is not met, it may affect your student status.



It is important to be in on time for all classes. Being late or absent puts you at risk of missing valuable information and falling behind. Being on time means being in the Zoom meeting ready to work from your computer by the start of class. 

It is also important to be in attendance for all classes, as a lot of material is covered in each class. We understand that uncontrollable situations may arise that cause you to miss class (ex: if you are sick). We will provide you with information to help you catch up with missed classes. 

If your schedule does not allow you to attend at least 90% of the classes on time, this may not be the right course for you. Instead, consider taking Foundations Lite which allows for a lot of flexibility!

Foundations Lite

There are no attendance requirements for Foundations Lite.


Your computer must be able to use the following tools:

For Foundations classes you will also need

  • a webcam
  • a mic
  • stable internet connection (see below for more details)

*Unfortunately, Code Chrysalis does not offer a rental PC service. 

Stable internet

A stable internet connection and speed is required for all students participating in Foundations courses. Due to the interactive nature of our course you must be able to participate in Zoom classes and use other applications on your computer at the same time including Google Chrome and Visual Studio Code.

You can test your Internet Speed online (please google "Internet Speed Test") and confirm the upload and download speed. Please compare the results with the minimum requirements for each tool:

    Basic Computer Skills

    Students are expected to understand some basic computer skills before starting Foundations/Foundations Lite. For example, you should be able to:

    • use a web browser (ex: "I know how to open a website")
    • use a search engine (ex: "I know how to search for something using Google")
    • single click, double click, right click with your computer mouse
    • copy/paste
    • have an email address and know how to read your emails and send new emails
    • organize files on your computer by making new folders and moving files between folders

    If you are not comfortable with performing some of the above tasks, we strongly suggest practicing these things before starting the course.

    Please note, you do not need to have any coding skills before starting the course.

    Complete the application form

    Our admissions team carefully reads your application form, especially your motivation for why you are joining the course. Our admissions team may ask you to submit the application form again if it is incomplete or lacks sufficient information. 

    Language Check

    For Foundations classes, if your level of English is less than fluent, you will need to pass a language check-in. Please learn about the language check here. Staff will check your communication and language comprehension skills to confirm you can participate in the course.

    If native language is English, you are not required to pass a language check-in.

    If you are taking Foundations Lite, you are not required to pass a language check-in.

    If you are under 18 years old

    We welcome students under the age of 18 to apply to Foundations and Foundations Lite! People under the age of 18 must hold an additional meeting with a staff member to check their motivation, maturity level, and ability to participate in an adult class. If your guardian is responsible for making a payment for you, they will receive contract information as well. 

    If you also need to do a Language check, you can do the under 18 check and language check in the same meeting.